Stone Mob is an American hard rock band formed in Virginia in 2017.

Lead vocals: Doug “Earthdog” Masterson

Doug Masterson is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, architect, expert builder, actor, inventor, and special effects artist. Well known in the Virginia Beach hard rock and metal scene he has fronted several successful bands including the highly acclaimed “Full Throttle.” He conceived and developed the special effects “blood pump” featured in the Stone Mob video “Murder Town,” and designed and built the set. He is a direct descendant of infamous gunslinger Bat Masterson. A self taught philosopher and student of life Doug is a great believer in what he calls “The Flow”- the universal energy that permeates us, binds us, and propels us all to our destiny. This is evidenced in an incident in which Doug broke his nose resulting in the discovery of his greatest talent- his singing voice. An autodidact vocalist Doug’s range, power, and ability to seamlessly float between pretty and gritty make him a force to be reckoned with in the rock and roll idiom.

Guitar: Blaine “Shred Master General” Kaltman

Blaine Kaltman is a guitarist, song writer, film and music producer, director, actor, and author. He has a PhD in Philosophy and is the author of “Under the Heel of the Dragon: Islam, Racism, Crime and the Uighur in China” (Ohio Swallow Press). He wrote the screenplay for, starred in, co-produced, and wrote the music for the award winning feature film “Back Alley Bulls”. His published several poems and his articles have appeared in various guitar magazines. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese Blaine’s hobbies include drinking wine and martial arts.. He has served as Foreign Service Officer for the US Department of State in Embassies around the world and is a recipient of the Meritorious Honor Award. He is also an Eagle Scout. Blaine is a self taught guitarist who believes his virtuosity comes from “recognizing the maximum potential of your DNA and then exploiting it. You need to find that thing in life that you’re naturally great at- that’s hard for others but effortless for you- then work your ass off to get a whole lot better.”

Drums: Andy Hamburger

From rock to funk, jazz to new age, blues to Latin, Andy has covered an amazingly wide range of musical styles for more than 20 years, and does it so well that he’s in high demand by band leaders and recording studios. He has credits on several dozen albums, and well over a hundred local and national commercials and movie trailers. Andy’s performed or recorded with Side FX, the Junkyard Saints, the Natty Beaux, Op-Critical, the Mary Ann Redmond Band, Al Williams and Friends, Cruel Shoes, Big Cam and the Lifters, and Field Day, as well as The Temptations, Harold Melvin’s BlueNotes, The Drifters, The Ink Spots, Tim Eyerman, Patty Reese, Matti and the Groove, The Coasters, The Platters, The Marvelettes and too many other bands and headliners to list. If you hang out in Washington, DC, you’ve probably seen him play – he’s appeared at most music venues there from the Kennedy Center to Blues Alley to Strathmore Hall. In addition, Andy’s taught younger drummers at the Levine School’s Summer Rock Camp.

Bass: Eric Scott

Eric Scott has to date enjoyed a varied and interesting musical journey. As a touring bassist and vocalist, Eric has performed on numerous stages throughout the world. While building his reputation as one of the east coast’s most sought after sidemen & session players, Scott wrote and released three solo records to critical acclaim


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